Thursday, August 10, 2006
Freakonomics: The Rogue Economist Guide to Everything

Just so excited to know there are so many Malaysians capable of being bookworms. Just want to share my blog entry on Freakonomics: The Rogue Economist Guide to Everything. Not review per se, more like ramblings related to the book.

This is my first non work related, non study related, self-initiated non-fiction book after long. Not the grandest book and it's highly commercial but for sure I am not willing to spend hours of my life reading this without learning something. Interesting facts I found.

Ku Klux Klan, the most popular (Black-Eyed Peas raps them) and most bigoted (out of many other) white supremacists were actually naming their holy book as Kloran. Pathetic isn't it? Aren't they supposedly obsessed with the superiority of whites and Catholicism? Klible suits them better.

I now know what freebasing (the cocaine one) is. It is actually the process of freeing the coccaine in coccaine hydrochloride for better and longer high and it is also an obvious suicide attempt. "Chemistry should be left to chemists"

Why do crack (also the coccaine one) is called crack? Because they have mix the distilled coccaine with baking soda which will make cracking sound when burnt.

Isaiah is the most popular American black boy name in 2000. I guess some Malaysian Muslims should use this name. It's cooler and politically more meaningful than Isa and less risky than naming your child Jesus.

P/S: I used to think that Jesus is the most original name. But then my friend's nephew's name is Muhammad Jesus Nufahad. I applaud his parents for being so brave to go against the societal norms and reluctant to believe the common misleading notion that Arabic names are better and more Islamic than the Malay and English names

Review by Azrul Azmie

Posted at 02:03 pm by AiSkRiM

October 29, 2007   03:59 AM PDT
salam perkenalan
November 15, 2006   10:58 AM PST
nothing wrong... good names have good meaning... no matter in what language... since when Islam is Arabic and viceversa?
November 13, 2006   07:30 AM PST
What is so great about naming a child with a western name?

What is so wrong with naming a child with Arabic name?

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